2 Girls Wrestling Sexy Lesbian Rear Naked Choke

2 girls wrestling perform the sexy lesbian rear naked choke hold. What’s crazy is the “rear naked choke” has it own wikipedia page. I shite you not. Wiki says, “The rear naked choke hold does not require the use of a keikogi (“gi”) or training uniform.”  I guess if you’re at the dojo and you happen to be practicing the R.N.C., don’t sweat your karate outfit. Funny, I don’t remember Daniel-son executing a naked wax the floor. But these hot randy wrestling rivals aren’t even trying. It looks like they’re both laughing. You can’t break character in a photo shoot and then expect Best Hot Girls Pics to nominate you for  a Squirty for Best Scisorring Sess of 2013.  No siree. This cool photo only gets 5 out of 8 disgusting Dairy Queen naps. Better luck next time mamacitas!

2 Girls Wrestling Sexy Lesbian


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