Adrianne Palicki Hot Cute Brunette Actress

Adrianne Palicki is a hot cute brunette actress featuring a tiny little anklet tattoo. WTF kind of outfit is she wearing? I didn’t know Adrienne was into strapping it on. It looks like someone wrapped the Red Dawn actress in orange gaffer’s tape. Light BDSM squirt! This chick is like the hottest actress on this here crappy planet. What a pristine pooper Palicki is showing off on Best Hot Girls Pics. Supposedly, in 2011, the sexy brunette celebrity played the title role in a Wonder Woman pilot back in 2011. I totally missed that. Not that I would’ve tuned in but I didn’t know there was a Wonder Woman television show. This awesome photograph gets 17 out of 17 A&W Root Beer naps.

Adrianne Palicki Hot Cute Brunette Actress


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