Ass Booty Pic Alert

Ass booty pic alert, jerkers! That thong hungry hiney is devouring anything in it’s puss-path which mos def includes the swimsuit bottoms cootch-clinging for dear life upon the cheeks of this sexy chick. Holy dead sea scrolls squirt! What is etched upon her shoulder blade? Is that like in 8 font? Re-size and highlight squirt. It’s not very sexy if you have to slip on a pair of spectacle-testicles to read a hot little¬†spring breaker’s¬†crappy ink-age. Does her first name start with the letter “N” as suggested on the tah-tah tippy nippy top of her vertebrae? This pic is way good and we give it 6 out of 6 leaked on Arbys naps.

Ass Booty Pic


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