Candice Swanepoel Hot Blonde Girl Feather Shelter

Candice Swanepoel hot blonde girl in a feather shelter requires the immediate attention of the Royal Thong Sniffer! Rouse the R.T.F. from his medieval slumber. Send for him post haste! The Daily Mail just ran a story about how Candice S. wore a leather jacket on a flight out of LAX. Pulitzer squirt! Candace is a sure-fire favorite of Best Hot Girls Pics. We have spoken the super model’s name so many times it Spaceball ludicrous speed crazy. Do you wankers know that Wikipedia is reporting that Candace has been complemented over 500,000,000 times for her beauty? Funny but true squirt! This great photograph gets 32 out of 32 busted upon Burger King Have-It-Your-Way napksins.

Candice Swanepoel Hot Blonde Girl


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