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Hawaii Five-0 Actress Kelly Hu Hot

What a great photo of this model/actress!  Back in 1985, Maxim girl Kelly Hu was the first Asian American to nab the Miss Teen USA title.  Save some lotion for Kelly’s Maxim shoot.  Anybody want their yellow belt?    …

Hot Asian Girl Shares A View

Look what finally arrived in the mail!  My sexy eastern lay-on-floor-in-heels deluxe model.  This hot Asian girl is amazing. The folks at R & D are still conducting tests but we think she is Japanese.   12 out 12 used tissues! …

Asian School Girl Or Werecat?

I have no idea why this cute model was posed next to sewing supplies. Is this supposed to make me horny and remind me of sweatshop injustice? Hot Asian School Girl: “OMG. Not another ball of yarn?” VOTE!!! [ratings]

Naked Hot Girls Kissing

Which one would you pick?  I can’t even tell if the one on the left is Asian.  I think the one on the right is Latin.  It doesn’t matter.  They’re both hot!  Wonderful pic. VOTE!!! [ratings]

Asian Bikini Girl Ass Alert

Congrats to the folks at R & D for finding the hottest girl in Asia. That’s quite a tushi roll.  “I can’t find the pool.” VOTE!!! [ratings]