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Aze Sasaki Hot FHM Spread

Aze Sasaki Hot FHM Spread is freaking off the chain. It’s ridiculous. Look at that body! Who wouldn’t wanna shake her hand? Do you think the costume coordinator was ironing Aze’s bikini bottom or something, and the cheeky photographer decided to take a quick…

Japanese Actress Kana Tsugihara Does Bed Yoga

Actress and model Kana Tsugihara is getting comfy in some dude’s bed.  I’d like to meet the moth that ate holes in Kana’s panties.  This Japanese television star is one of the hottest asian chicks on the planet. We speak…

Asian Model KT So In Hot Thong


KT So displays a truly magnificent ass in the photo. This cute Cantonese chick has a perfect body.  13 out of 13 used tissues!  What kind of shower is this and why is she gripping that bar?  What is she…

Hot Asian Chick Deploys Very Fortunate Cookies


Anybody up for some hot Asian chick moo–shu porking? Perhaps these two bouncy dumplings will put a little spring in your roll?  She’s beautiful. 8 out 8 yummy pot stickers.  It looks like one of Tiger’s ex-girlfriends is climbing the…

Sexy Bikini Asian Chick Couped Up

This sexy bikini Asian chick is so hot.  WTF is going on in this ridiculous photo?  Why are the bars on the inside? Sexy Bikini Asian Chick, “Tell Charlie Sheen I miss him”. VOTE!!! [ratings]

Two Ridiculous Asian Chicks in Costume

Asian chicks in ridiculous costumes. These two beautiful hot Asian girls demonstrating first aid for a hatchet wound. “Apply Yin & Yang band aid.” Seriously, WTF is going on in Japan?  I want to see the rest of this shoot. …