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Hot Black Girl In Panties And Heels

Check out the hot black girl in panties and heels.  R&D wishes they knew the name of this sexy nymph.  Is this a normal morning for the model?  Does she read the NY Times and down a half grapefruit every…

Jessica White Bikini Smoking Hot

Jessica White is smoking hot in her orange bikini (check out another great bikini).  The Victoria’s Secret model’s body looks so perfect straddling the diving board. She’s the best part of any Jay-Z video.  12 out of 12 lotion pumps. …

Fashion Model Zoe Saldana Sexy Working a Hose

How about fashion model Zoe Saldana working that hose?   You gotta check out her Maxim spread!  Zoe looks incredibly sexy in her nipple poking one piece.  Who wouldn’t wanna unload their jewel bag over those diamond cutters? VOTE!! [ratings]

Playboy Model Jaqueline Faria Great Booty


Playboy model Jaqueline Faria’s great booty is insane.  I’d like to spend a Sunday with that thong gobbler.  R & D loves the chicks of Playboy.  Jaqueline Faria – Best Hot Girls Pics speaks your name!   VOTE!!! [ratings]

Teen Wolf Actress Bianca Lawson Hot

Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Bianca Lawson claims she used to be fat and nerdy. Take a look at these pics! Maybe the Barbie and Revlon model was a real mess in high school but R & D doubts it.…