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If hot Latina girls are your thing, this is the place! Lovely Latin ladies of all types are here in this Best Hot Girls Pics category. With so many Brazilian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Spanish, and all the other beautiful Latina women out there, we felt they absolutely deserved their own hot section here on our almost-bare booby blog. Click away below and immerse yourself in a bevy of amazing Latina hotties.

Alexis Lopez Hot In Bikini

Brazilian model Alexis Lopez looks perfect in this shot.  R & D believes those levitating sweater biscuits are fake.  They have to be!  Alexis’ portfolio can be seen on Top Latin Models.  Sticky applause for Alexis Lopez!

Catalina Otalvaro Hot Taking Off Panties


How about this amazing pic of hot Catalina Otalvaro taking off her panties? What a great photo!  She’s the kind of girl people blow up their lives for.  7 out of 7 used tissues! VOTE!!! [ratings]

Sexy Latina Girl a Brilliant Actress

Who wouldn’t want to put some volumes in that return slot? Wonderful photo! Somebody tell her Chaucer starts with “c”. “I’m pretending as hard as I can”, says Miss Smart Booty. VOTE!! [ratings]