Jessica Nigri Hot Cosplay Pics Bring Heat

Jessica Nigri hot cosplay pics bring heat and trouble for the hot gamer. Apparently, the folks at Pax East, one of the many nerdy, sci-fi conventions splattered about our jerk-off pop culture, fired Jessica for wearing a top that was “too revealing”. The sexy costume that Jessica is sporting in the pic featured below is the one that got her pink slipped from her geek gig. Yo – Pax East, are you the Taliban? WTF? Since when is it a bad thing for a perky model like Jessica, to whip out the big guns? You guys are prudes. Go back to your paneled basements and your first person beat-off games and G.F.Y. As the great Arthur Fonzarelli would say, “Sit on it”. This awesome pic gets 13 out of 13 gross Gloria Jean’s Coffee naps.

Jessica Nigri Hot Cosplay Pics


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