Kate Moss Sexy Naomi Campbell Hot Fingers Trigger

Kate Moss sexy Naomi Campbell hot fingers the trigger on their squirt toys and whackers are rapt with antici-poon-pation. I’d like to use my super soaker on either of these sexy super models. I think it’s nice that Naomi is only playing at violence in this snapper snap rather hooter-hurling a smartphone device at a mofo’s knoggin. Did you jerk-master-juniors see the article in The Sun¬†about Moss getting white-girl-wasted after the load-launch party for what I’m sure is a ridic clothing line. There are some many wank-wonderful photos of this duo. How about this Naomi Campbell hot clam capture? The photograph below is awesome. We award it 4 out of 4 squirted upon Waffle House naps.

Kate Moss Sexy Naomi Campbell Hot


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