Nazanin Mandi Hot Latina Model?

Nazanin Mandi is a hot Latina model? At least, I think the international sexy celeb is Latina. Nazanin has also been tah-tah tagged as Native American, Spanish, even Persian. If any of you strokers have the 411 on Naznin’s ethnicity, please share! This hottie is supposedly dating “Quickie” singer Miguel. I think he raps. Squirt. Anyway this is what Miguel shared on Twitter regarding their relationship.

Ugly bitches get mad and call me Gay cause I ain’t f*cking wit em. Lmao. I have @NazaninMandi Bitch… F*ck is wrong with you

And Nazanin twattered back:

@MiguelUnlimited U tell em baby…People become ignorant when they don’t get what they want.. I stand by your side proud n loyal #8sideways

Super squirt. This awesome pic gets 7 out of 7 jerked upon Jack-In-the-Crack naps and a jizzle toss. How about that camel toe!

Nazanin Mandi Hot Latina Model?


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