Nicki Minaj Hot Legs Spread Cork Popping

Nicki Minaj hot legs spread is cork popping to some. For others, this ass-amazing clam-capture is shaft-jack-able as a mofo. To each his own squirt. The red background is a touch dramatic. Am I right squirt? Am I the only one a-tah-tah-tempting to see through that booty-booze bottle? If only I were Superman squirt! Minaj must have some torrid teat-let toppers. Check how her nip-tip is testing the sticky-strength of that gold top. That’s gonna leave a mark squirt! Did any of you pervanators happen to rack read in the knocker news where Nicki was seen getting cozy with Kobe Bryant? Perez squirt. This pic rules. We raise our glasses and give a teat-toast to it’s hotness.

Nicki Minaj Hot Legs Spread


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