Renee Alway Blonde Bikini Girl America’s Next Top Model

Renee Alway blonde bikini girl and America’s Next Top Model alum has been arrested for burglary in Palm Springs according to the Huffington Post. I erased whoever was holding Alway in this pic cuz he was severely bumming me out. I’m not Pixar squirt. I guess the hot babe’s arrest included some fragging guns and a stand-off. Read all about it squirt. I bet this way fit snatch and grab babe doesn’t do any jail time because she is what, jerkers? If you answered “hot chick,” you’d be right! Survey says squirt! An attractive person is the most important thing to be. It can get you out of a lot skeet-sticky situations. Casey Anthony squirt! This pic is wondeful. We give 5 out of 5 disgusting Subway Sandwich naps.
Renee Alway Blonde Bikini Girl


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