Rihanna Sexy Ebony Girl Is Put Together Soundly

Rihanna sexy ebony girl is put together soundly and whackers across the squirt-i-verse give icky-sticky-thanks! The blue background at which Rihanna is cootch-currently posed is dramatic as a mofo. Hooter-however, the pop singer’s face seems to puss-pop with the aqua scrim in the background. What up with this photo anyway? Why does Rihanna look like she’s holding something booty-back? Things that make you go squirt! Did you guys happen to see in the knocker-news where randy-Rihanna had taken some rack-revealing photographs? They weren’t that risque or controversial but she’s still way hot even in boring photos. Killer pic this is. Yoda squirt!

Rihanna Sexy Ebony Girl


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