Sara Jean Underwood Hot Ass Shot Jack Treat

Sara Jean Underwood hot ass shot is such a jack treat. Pho sho squirt! Methinks her tah-tah top is puss-painted upon her sexy dermis. Can I smell that brush squirt? WTF does “PMOY” mean? If any of you jerk-master-juniors wandering about the jerk-i-sphere happens to know the muff-meaning of the cootch-cryptic lettering splattered upon the Playboy model’s back, please shoot the info load into the slitty slotty comment box below. Many thanks squirt! Hey jackers, how about the hot Carl that S.J.U. a-poon-peared in with Emily Ratajowksi? Total squirt-dom mos def! This pic rocks. We will award it 15 out of 15 soaked Sizzler naps!

Sara Jean Underwood Hot Ass Shot


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