Sexy Bikini Models Human Centipede Style

These sexy bikini models are doing it human centipede style. First off ladies, sunglasses are not for keeping your hair back. They’re for making Biodome star, Pauly Shore, appear less rapey. Squirt. Secondly, the golden brunette bikini chick on the far left is going to break her cheekbones if she holds her oh-face much longer. Baring a collagen lip-splosion, the hot South American cupping the bumpy yellow fun sphere is mos def the hottest of the whore-tet. From right to left, I would “M” number one, “F” number two (the slow one), “K” number three and let the last lass catch a ride home with┬áNdamukong Suh. Best Hot Girls Pics gives this multi-gal Penthouse pic 12 out of 12 besotted Burger King naps.

Sexy Bikini Models  Human Centipede Style


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