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Alexis Lopez Bikini Pic Is Pretty Great

This Alexis Lopez bikini pic is pretty great.   Best Hot Girls Pics R&D believes the “Brazil logo” on her swimsuit bottoms might be indicative other positive attributes.   This might be the hottest chick in the southern hemisphere.  8 out of…

Asian Girl Swimsuit Pic Is Totally Nuts

This Asian girl swimsuit pic is totally nuts. I feel like this bikini should be a little less fetish. The swim wear looks like it should come with a ball gag.  Why does it always looks like the Asian girl…

Sara Jean Underwood Bikini Shot

Sara Jean Underwood Bikini Shot

This Sara Jean Underwood bikini shot is just awesome. Best Hot Girls Pics R&D is convinced Underwood has the best ass in the biz.  The Playboy model’s celeb shitter gets 12 out of 12 used tissues! VOTE!!! [ratings]

Jessica White Bikini Smoking Hot

Jessica White is smoking hot in her orange bikini (check out another great bikini).  The Victoria’s Secret model’s body looks so perfect straddling the diving board. She’s the best part of any Jay-Z video.  12 out of 12 lotion pumps. …