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Beautiful Lingerie Model Shares Her Ass


There should be applause every time this beautiful lingerie model enters a room.  R&D hasn’t been able to put a moniker to this exquisite flesh maiden.  If any of you jerksters know the name of this little act of god, let…

Kate Upton Ass Anyone?

Kate Upton sexy ass anyone? Why yes I’ll have wedge or a slice. SkullCandy model Kate Upton is so hot in this pic I’m all tied up in balloon knots. VOTE!!! [ratings] More Kate Upton pics <—

The Perfect Ass Despite Tan Lines

This ass is totally perfect despite tan lines. You are more than welcome to check out other ass-tagging at BHGP but this turd birth-er might be the best.  We really appreciate the precise hand placement.  This will impress the judges.…

Asian Model KT So In Hot Thong


KT So displays a truly magnificent ass in the photo. This cute Cantonese chick has a perfect body.  13 out of 13 used tissues!  What kind of shower is this and why is she gripping that bar?  What is she…