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Hot Asian Girl Shares A View

Look what finally arrived in the mail!  My sexy eastern lay-on-floor-in-heels deluxe model.  This hot Asian girl is amazing. The folks at R & D are still conducting tests but we think she is Japanese.   12 out 12 used tissues! …

Blonde In Panties With GHB Hangover

Thanks creep with the Polaroid! This is a great pic. Slip that hot blonde in panties chick an ibuprofen. “Somebody’s man chowder is running down my leg.” VOTE!!! [ratings]

Sexy Blonde Fingers Herself

Thank god for whoever had their Polaroid handy. A night with anonymous panty girl would at the very least be blog-gable. This pic looks like a Czech Fruit Of The Loom ad. VOTE!!! [ratings]

Asian School Girl Or Werecat?

I have no idea why this cute model was posed next to sewing supplies. Is this supposed to make me horny and remind me of sweatshop injustice? Hot Asian School Girl: “OMG. Not another ball of yarn?” VOTE!!! [ratings]

Blonde Girl Bent Over Shows Her Money-Maker

Is that VHS copy of “Ghostbusters”? We like her. Insane red panty chick also has a stuffed SpongeBob SquarePants doll and an over-sized SpongeBob SquarePants watch on her bureau. Pass the bath salts. This is one fun chick. “Promise me…