Underboob Hot College Girl Treat

This Halloween underboob hot college girl treat is not tricking anyone in tah-tah-terms of it’s jerk-ability. This hot coed pic is mos def worthy of many, icky, oh so sticky randy-ropes. BTW, shaft-masters, I have dressed up as SpongeBob SquarePants on more than a few costume nights. The dude that lives in a puss-pineapple under the slit-sea is like my animated gash-god. I also have a soft spot in my hooter-heart for Bob’s best buddy. Usually, the only starfishes discussed on this booby-blog are found betwixt creamy sexy legs. Patrick squirt! ¬†BTW, have gander at the huge wad stuffed into the waist of candy shorts. Show me the money squirt. Great photo!

Underboob Hot College Girl


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